Iryna Martynyuk (Rei)

 Iryna started this venture 3 years ago learning the technical aspects of administrating a home from scratch. Since the start of her first home, she has polished her skills to provide the best care possible for your family member by encompassing the "family first" approach so that you and your family always feel like a part of our family.

Education and Work Experience:

Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Med Aide
2 years of Business Administration Courses
N.C. Certified Administrator/Administrator Trainer

3 years of personal care to individual residents

1 year of private home health care

About Us

Val's Family Care was inspired by Rei's grandmother who was struggling with Parkinson's Disease and Diabetes. She had fought through many years of hospital visits and medication changes and has encouraged us to provide quality care for our seniors.  Rei is motivated to enrich the lives of our aging loved ones and make the best of their golden years. With her past experience, both personal and work related, this home is her way of helping families to cope, understand, and enjoy their seniors at this time in their lives. This type of home care facility is the best situation for our loved ones facing Alzheimer's or a related form of dementia. In many cases the level of impairment or lack of family and community resources requires professional supervision and personal care.